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May 24, 2010

A couple of months gone and not much done.

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As the title suggests the Cressy hasn’t changed much from my last post. I have however fixed a couple of things that were wrong with the car. When I swapped the quad headlights into the car I just used the standard sealed beams that came with the lights. They were totally pathetic and useless. Squinting […]

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March 28, 2010

End Of March, Easter next w/end……

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Well hello all. This project is starting to take shape. I’ve given the car a general clean up and swapped the 14″ ROH mags and front suspension out of my old tt140 Corona. (It had GX71 Cressida front struts and cobra springs fitted to it.) The rear springs between an irs Cressida and Live axle […]

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March 9, 2010

Engine Update!

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Ok this mornin I’ve been trolling through heaps of crap on the net about engine setups. Some people really have some strange opinions out there. The forums on the subject are quite laughable. Any how I’ve found out that the 1GFE uses siamese intake runners. ie 3 intake runners 6 ports (each intake runner serves2 […]

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I’ve Narrowed The Choices Down To 2 Contenders……

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The two engines that have made it to the finals are Drum Roll Please…………………………………… 2ZJGE This is the n/a version of Toyota’s awesome 3.0 litre 6 cylinder. The turbo variant is famous for handling rather large power outpust on basically stock internals. Wikipedia lists the power output at 220hp at 5800 – 600rpm, not to […]

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March 6, 2010

Engine Options?

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Ok the Cressy is gunna need more power, anyone can tell that. So lets make a breif list of engine options. 1GGTE or 1GGZE This has been done several times. Simply remove the old 1GEU SOHC anchor, and replace it with a Twincam, 12 Valve variant 1GGTE out of an early supra (Or 1GGZE out […]

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Design Brief. & Lots of compromising

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Okay, So the design brief for this project is pretty much as follows: ~ Boso(ish) Style I’ve grown to love the JDM Old school drift style that we’re starting to see more and more of. Something like the sexy chaser below I found at this blog Now I know this has been done by […]

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Well, Hello I guess

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Hey there all. First a bit about me I’m a mad keen, old school. Toyota fan. I’ve owned heaps of old Toyota’s over the years mainly KE-30 and KE-70 Corolla’s, KP-60 Starlet’s and a few Celica’s of various chassis numbers. This build, however, will be the first Cressida I’ve built. Okay First things first. Find […]

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