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March 6, 2010

Well, Hello I guess

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Hey there all.

First a bit about me I’m a mad keen, old school. Toyota fan. I’ve owned heaps of old Toyota’s over the years mainly KE-30 and KE-70 Corolla’s, KP-60 Starlet’s and a few Celica’s of various chassis numbers.

This build, however, will be the first Cressida I’ve built.

Okay First things first. Find a suitable chasis to begin the whole shooting match.

After a few months trolling through rubbish on TradeMe. I finally stumbled on this minter owned by a local lad (who turns out to be an awesome guy, Aaron you totally rock!).

She’s a very straight GX71 Cressida currently fitted with a stocker’s 1GE SOHC and auto.

It’s such a releif to find a tidy, straight old Toyota with little of no rust for reasonable money. And In Nelson too so didn’t require an epic road trip to get.

Sweet, now to start the research then planning then dreaming & reality check. More planning and research.

Watch this space

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