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March 9, 2010

Engine Update!

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Ok this mornin I’ve been trolling through heaps of crap on the net about engine setups. Some people really have some strange opinions out there. The forums on the subject are quite laughable.

Any how I’ve found out that the 1GFE uses siamese intake runners. ie 3 intake runners 6 ports (each intake runner serves2 valves). This picture explains it a bit better, the whole picture thousand words thing…

So therefore my idea of individual throttle bodies won’t work with the revvy lil 2 litre. Damn you Toyota engineers!!!!

Oh well the 2JZ was always goin to be the better engine. It makes more power and torque stock than the 1GFE would have when modified. Also they’re more popular to modify so parts should be easier to source. The only bugger is everything is a lot more expensive than the 1GFE build would have been.

An underhood scene similar to the pic below is what I’ll be shooting for. That 2JZ looks so phucken sweet. I’ll bet it goes really sweet too.

Megan is goin to kill me when she realises how much all this goin to cost. Anyone got any really good suggestions on metheods of hiding vast expendature from ones fiancee???

3 Responses to “Engine Update!”

  1.   cheese  Says:

    Where did you find the infomation about that vvti 1gfe have siamese intake ports?
    i havent been able to find this infomation, in fact, the infomation i’ve found points to them not being siamesed.
    im planing to put itbs on a 1gfe in my corona.

  2.   cheese  Says:

    finally found a picture, the non vvti head intake comes strait out the side of the head. but the vvti has a sticky out bit which puts the manifold on a steep angle
    so will end up more like this

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