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March 9, 2010

I’ve Narrowed The Choices Down To 2 Contenders……

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The two engines that have made it to the finals are

Drum Roll Please……………………………………


This is the n/a version of Toyota’s awesome 3.0 litre 6 cylinder. The turbo variant is famous for handling rather large power outpust on basically stock internals.

Wikipedia lists the power output at 220hp at 5800 – 600rpm, not to shabby!

Due to budget restrictions (ie i’m pretty much broke) the late model VVT-i version is too expensive. A local wrecker has quoted me $600 for an entire engine and loom plus any other engine related bits I wanna remove from the donor myself.

I’ve priced up a bellhousing, flywheel, w58 on TradeMe $2025 plus shipping. I’ll still need a clutch (amongst many other things) ontop of that.


Now I realise that many of you are probably scoffing at my idea of modifying a 1GFE. But Wikipedia lists the output as 160hp at 6200rpm which is still an improvement over the 105hp that the cressida comes with stock.

Cost does have to come into this build. I can get an entire 1GFE and loom from a local wrecker for $500.

When you line this cost up against a 2JZ build and realise that I won’t need to source aftermarket bellhousing, front sump (the std 1GEU sump should fit), Engine crossmember, engine mounts the savings should be quite substantial.

Not to mention istead of spending $950 to source the much sought after W58 I can spend around $300 and use a W50 (cressida standard fitment 5 speed) and run a standard 1G bellhousing. I think I may even have one of those in my assortment of treasures under my flat.

Whether I run with either engine I plan to adapt 1.5 sets of throttlebodies off Toyota Silvertop 20valve.

I realise that for the cost of doing an I.T.B. conversion (independent throttle bodies) I could simply buy an aftermarket turbo kit for either engine. The power gains from fitting ITB’s won’t be as substantial as the turbo conversion either.

These negatives asside there are a couple of reasons for me going down this route.

* The scream of trumpets on a high strung n/a engine is totally intoxicating

* n/a will reduce insurance costs

* I’ve had turbo cars in the past and had more fun ringing the neck of n/a weapon’s

* I’ve never seen any n/a 6 cylinder cars. After several hours searching I’ve found less than a handful of pics on the net

So there we have it a rough engine plan.

Time to start saving my pennies!!!!

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