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March 6, 2010

Design Brief. & Lots of compromising

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Okay, So the design brief for this project is pretty much as follows:

~ Boso(ish) Style

I’ve grown to love the JDM Old school drift style that we’re starting to see more and more of. Something like the sexy chaser below I found at this blog

Now I know this has been done by people before. But I’ve been a toyota nut long before drifting took off over here and so I guess this is a natural progression for me.

~ Must be totally road legal and driveable

My fiancee will need to be able to drive this car otherwise she ain’t goin to go for the idea. So all mods have to be done within limits. The LTSA rules will have to be followed (ish)  to ensure this thing doesn’t attract pink stickers every time I go out for a cruise.

Also this thing needs to be comfortable enough for long drives down the coast to visit the olds. So that means no bone shaking stiff as phuck suspension setups that will require me to wear a kidney belt when driving.

~ Occasional Track Work, Yes Please

I want to be able to do the occasional drift session/track day in this car. I know this contradicts the previous paragraph. Maybe I am trying to have my cake and eat it too (mmmm cake). But why start a project like this if it’s not goin to be enjoyed? In order to still fit inside the previous requirement there will still be a back seat and carpet. No cage.

~ More Power

This is a given but I’ll mention it anyway.

Previous car builds I’ve had some mild street engines and some pretty wild engines on the street.

The latter although a lot of fun really won’t be that practical for this build. The mild is just plain boring.

I reckon I’ll make this engine as hot as my Fiancee will let me. She’ll be a great reality check for me really. Cos if it’s un-driveable she’ll soon let me know. (This may result in me sleeping on the couch for the odd night when I get this wrong. we’ll see I guess.)

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